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August 19, 2012

After the 80s all went wrong

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In my childhood the world was simple and great. The Russians where evil (not really but in propaganda), James Bond saved the world, Miami Vice told us coolness in neon and we had two great franchise (Star Trek and Star Wars). In the late 80s came Gorbachow and he wanted the Russians to be free, which strengthened the dark side. Dark Kohl and his evil minions (Schäuble for example) reunited Germany with help of the former Allied Forces (don`t get me wrong dude, I am not against the reunion, but the way it was made).
Then came the 90s and 2000+. What did we get?
1) The EU and the Euro is as poorly made as the German reunion (same evil forces)
2) James Bond was accused of sexism
3) Paramount killed Star Trek with Vojager, DS9 Season 7, Enterprise and the movies
4) Lukas killed Star Wars with Episode 1 – 3
5) The Russians still have no true democracy
What the hell went wrong?

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